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New High-Power HP-ATA-115B Terminal Blocks from Blockmaster Can Be Mounted on DIN Rails and Panels
BlockMaster Electronics, a leading supplier of terminal blocks for electrical and electronic distribution, introduces a new line of rugged, high power modular terminal blocks in 1-, 2-, 3-or 4-pole co...

‘New guidelines will eliminate electrical accidents’
The electrical installation and construction guideline ... you cannot be compensated like somebody who has built a standard two bedroom with blocks, with all the required apparatus in the house.

Work on downtown transit terminal heading indoors
Herald photo by @IMartensHerald The gigantic crane is gone and all the pre-cast concrete blocks are in place. And construction of the city’s downtown bus terminal and parkade is under wraps.

Port of Corpus Christi Takes Big Step Forward on Harbor Island Crude Oil Terminal
Port commissioners approved a pair of contracts totaling nearly $12 million for work at Harbor Island meant to prepare it for a proposed crude oil storage terminal in Port Aransas ... electricity comp...

Efficient and Proper Use of Terminal Blocks
With the help of a terminal block, a selection of different electrical wires can be connected and used for their respective application. These terminal blocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. De...

The DIN Rail and How It Got That Way
the electrical action on a DIN rail is entirely isolated from the metal of the rail. That means that most of the specifications for DIN rail profiles are purely mechanical, to ensure that the mounted ...

EtherCat’s new gigabit standard and more from Beckhoff at SPS IPC Drives
... with either smaller electrical cabinets or eliminating the electrical cabinet entirely. There’s a lot of time and manual labor involved in landing all those wires in the terminal blocks, and strip...

Rail mounted terminal blocks
Now, a new alternative is available: the WAGO rail-mounted terminal block for wiring of electric motors, available exclusively from NHP Electrical Engineering Products. Only 6mm wide, the terminal blo...

Larson Electronics Releases Explosion Proof Outlet Enclosure for Class I, II and III Locations
has released an explosion proof enclosure that offers industrial operators reliable protection for their electrical connections in flammable environments. This copper-free aluminum explosion proof acc...

Heilind Asia's Supplier Amphenol Introduced the UPT Connectors
About Heilind Electronics: Founded in 1974, Heilind Electronics, Inc. ( is one of the world's leading distributors of connectors, relays, switches, thermal management & circuit ...

NHP Electrical Engineering Products announces WAGO’s range of CAGE CLAMP S rail-mounted quadruple deck terminal blocks
WAGO’s new range of new multi-purpose CAGE CLAMP S rail-mounted quadruple deck terminal blocks have been announce by and available from NHP Electrical Engineering Products. A set of terminals can supp...

Snap Cover Terminal Blocks promote electrical safety.
Featuring integrated, permanently attached, snap-on terminal safety covers, series C34/C44 avoid loss or misplacement of covers and provide finger tip safety in high-power situations. Modular products ...

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