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LCD Display Module Market Sales, Segmentation, Ex-Factory Price, Revenue, Gross Margin Analysis 2018 - 2028
The segmentation includes character displays and Graphic displays. Segmentation based on region: Based on geographical regions the LCD display module Market is segmented into North America, Latin Amer...

ALPHI Technology introduces the IP-LCD- High-Performance LCD and CRT Display Driver Color Graphic Controller
The IP-LCD is a high performance, graphics controller, based on Chips & Technologies ... single scan and dual scan.This module is a replacement for SBS' IP-LCD module and SNIJER IP-ULCD.

128x64-dot graphic LCD module in COG package
Vatronix Technology Corp. Ltd offers this COG graphic LCD module with 128x64-dot resolution. The FFSTN type with black in negative mode uses RGB backlighting and has a Sitronix ST7565P IC. It measures ...

TFT LCD Module utilizes SFT2 technology.
active matrix LCD module developed by NLT. Due to the display’s high resolution and image quality, it is possible to display twice the amount of information on a single display as compared to NLT’s 21 ...

New Winstar 2.4″ and 2.8″ TFT LCD Modules from Diamond Electronics
Their product range includes LCM Modules including monochrome TN/STN/FSTN LCM, COG LCD, TFT LCM, FSC-LCD, graphic LCM, OLED display modules, custom OLED and LCD panels Diamond supports OEM and CEM com... Unveils Sunlight Readable $79 Smart Color LCD
COSTA MESA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE), the recognized leader in smart, touch LCDs, announced the immediate availability of the ezLCD-302, an aggressively priced, smart color LCD module wit...

Custom LCD, FSTN Graphics LCD Module with HT1621 Driver IC, 1/4 Duty and 1/3 Bias Cycles
Type: FSTNSupports TN, transflective, positive, amber or blue backlightCycles: 1/4 duty and 1/3 biasDriver IC: HT1621Viewing angle: 63.5 x 38.2mmTemperature: 0 to 50°CSize: 89.25 x 48 x 8mm

NEC Announces 5.5-Inch LCD Enabling Vivid Color Display even in Bright Sunlight
... that sample shipments of its new 5.5-inch (14cm-diagonal), quarter video graphics array (QVGA), amorphous silicon, thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT LCD) module, part number NL3224B...

Sharp 4.3 inch TFT LCD modules from Manuco Electronics (Sharp)
Key features of LQ043T3DG02 TFT LCD module: 4.3-inch TFT LCD panel Graphics and text displayed on a 480 x 272 x RGB dots panel with about 262k colours 18-bit data signals (6bit x RGB), four timing sig...

Programmable Touchscreen TFT LCD Module is RoHS-compliant.
icons and graphics. Existing embedded products can add a GUI or status display LCD quickly and with little change to the system. With the bulk of the electronics in the virtually turn-key module, OEMs ...

Matrix Orbital INTELLIGENT Display Drivers for LabVIEW
Matrix Orbital designs and manufactures a wide array of character and graphic LCD display devices ... GLK19264-7T-1U-WB INTELLIGENT display module is a flexible device featuring RS-232 connectivity, a ...

Samples of NEC LCD Technologies’ 3.1-inch 3D TFT LCD Module Provided for the “MOBILE3DTV“ Terminal Prototype
The 3D LCD module has been adopted for the MOBILE3DTV terminal prototype because of its wide viewing areas, excellent 3D picture quality for bare-eyes viewing and high-performance display, which featu...

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